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esports community hosting events and producing media

By the community, for the community

EMINENT is a community hosting competitive leagues, casual events, and producing related media. Want to get in on the action? Join the hub or keep on browsing to learn more.

Shatterline League
Season One Championship

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September 9, 2023

Suspending Shatterline Involvement and Shifting Focus

New Horizons EMINENT has announced the suspension of all events and involvement in the game Shatterline until further notice. The decision comes as EMINENT pivots its focus towards games with…
MetaShatterline League
August 14, 2023

Shatterline League Season One Championship

The Shatterline League season one championship is on the horizon! EMINENT’s Shatterline League aims to breathe life back into Shatterline’s competitive landscape by introducing a structured and engaging platform for…
July 25, 2023

When Does a Community Become an Organization?

Backstory EMINENT started out as an esports team with the simple goal of competing in a grassroots scene, ultimately to have a good time. Over time, there was a vacuum…